Monday, January 7, 2008

Telesis File : Why I Support Mitt Romney For President?

In explaining my support for Mitt Romney, I find it difficult to figure out where to begin. The dilemma is highlighted by the fact that the more I find out about Governor Romney... the more I like and respect him. I have decided to make this a three part series: one highlighting his resume, one highlighting his moral character, and the other highlighting his strategic advantage in the general election.

Mitt Romney graduated number one in his class at BYU. He then went on to Harvard Business School AND Harvard Law School. He graduated from Harvard Law cum laude. He graduated from Harvard Business School in the top 5 percent of his class and was named a Baker Scholar.

Mitt Romney later went on to work at the vaunted consulting firm Bain & Company. With a few partners from Bain, he founded the spin-off venture capital firm, Bain Capital. Wildly successful with Bain Capital, he was called back to save Bain & Company from the malaise it had dropped into, serving as CEO and leading the company to even greater heights. When the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics were in trouble, they turned to Mitt Romney to save them. The Olympics under Romney turned a profit, which is something that is VERY difficult for Olympic to do. Also, the Winter Olympics occurred shortly after 9/11 and played a large part in the healing process.

Then Mitt Romney ran for and won the governorship of Massachusetts. His record demonstrates fiscal responsibility, a commitment to the rule of law, and defended family values. As Governor, he eliminated the budget deficit without raising taxes in a Democratic state and eliminated large amounts of government waste. He also fought against judicial activism when the Massachusetts State Supreme Court attempted to force same-sex marriage down the throats of the citizens of Massachusetts. He also fought against human cloning and state funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Simply put, Mitt Romney has a tremendous record of executive success. He has not spent the majority of his life in politics, in a state legislature, or in the Federal Government. He has spent his life making tough decisions in high-energy, high-impact positions, in the business, non-profit, and government worlds. While others have had the luxury of debating issues to death, Romney had to make tough choices.

As a businessman, consultant, and venture capitalist. Mitt Romney demonstrated clear excellence pertaining to business and economic matters. One can clearly say that he possesses a greater understanding of how America’s economy works than any of the other candidates as a result of that experience.

One fact that can be overlooked if one does not consider it, is the fact that Governor Romney gained relevant foreign policy experience as a businessman and as the CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympics. In both of those worlds he gained significant experience and contacts overseas, meaning that as President of the United States he will not be in over his head, as has happened to past state governors that went on to the Presidency.

Romney is clearly an accomplished man. In my opinion, he is far more accomplished than any of the other candidates in either party and by virtue of his experience, among other factors, is uniquely equipped to guide our country into the future. His leadership has been clearly demonstrated and we can feel confident with him as our President economically, socially, and foreign policy-wise.

America will be blessed to have him as our President.


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